From Your Pastor's Heart   Feb 7, 2022

Sometimes it takes a storm to make us realize that we are truly blessed. Last week, we experienced a winter storm that impacted a sweeping stretch of our nation, from Texas to the Northeast. The major factor in Memphis was the ice that covered roads, bridges, trees and powerlines. The frigid temperatures added to the problem. Yet, we can always see God’s blessings in every event in life, if we look for them. Let me share three thoughts with you about storms.



  It Could Always Be Worse. While I was safe and warm at home, huddled under a blanket in my recliner, thousands of homes in our city were without power. Across the country, hundreds of thousands of travelers were stranded on the roads or at airports, as over 4,000 flights were canceled. Our son, Josh, was among those weary road-warriors trying to get home to his family. Thankfully, the roads and airports cleared and people were able to reach their destinations. Power has been restored to most homes, even though a few areas are still powerless. Thank God for sheltering us from the storm!



   It Could Have Lasted Longer. As much as we hate being stuck at home for a day or two due to inclement weather, this pales in comparison to the 2020 lockdown. Many of us also recall the ice storm of 1994 that left over half the city without power, some for up to 17 days. We also had Hurricane Elvis in 2003 that left a great deal of destruction across the Mid-South. We have endured a variety of storms in our lifetime that lasted longer and hurt deeper than this past week.  We can thank God storms come and go!



   It Could Have Taken More Lives! From what I have read, only four deaths have been attributed to this huge storm that stretched for 2,000 miles across our nation. Not to minimize the importance of those lives that were lost, but such a powerful storm could have resulted in far more fatalities. Driving around our area, I see fallen trees and limbs in yards that could have easily landed on cars or houses. A huge tree fell across one of the busiest streets in Whitehaven, just down from the church where I served and the house where we lived. The fact that no cars were passing on Elvis Presley Boulevard at the time is nothing short of miraculous!  We can praise God for protecting and preserving our lives during the storm!                


Serving in love,

                        Bro. Jim

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