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It is no secret that your pastor is a football fan. I love my Dallas Cowboys and my Texas Longhorns. And I proudly wear their team colors, whether they win or lose. I have even grown to love that other UT, although I still prefer “burnt orange.” And I enjoy watching the battle between two teams that are evenly matched, even when I do not have a preference which team wins.

As entertaining as I find professional and college football, my true love is high school games. I especially enjoy it when I know the players on the field. We had a football player, a cheerleader and a band student. So, Friday night football was a huge part of our lives for many years. It was like stepping back in time last weekend, when we went to a game at the high school where our granddaughter, Sidney, attends. It was even more exciting to see her standing on the sidelines, serving as one of the managers.

This year, we have been introduced to recreational football leagues, also known as “Rec Ball.” Our ten-year-old grandson, Spencer, is playing tackle football! I have to admit that it is tough for Grandpa to watch those other players pushing and shoving on my sweet boy. Yet, he is loving being on the team and on the field. I have been blessed to watch him at practices and games, putting a lot of hard work into this sport. He has also learned a lot about the game of football, with more knowledge of the college and pro players than his elders. It has been fun to see his growing enthusiasm for the game I love!

Now, where am I going with all of this? It is difficult to watch our loved ones face tough challenges in life, even when it is a result of their own choices. Hopefully, my grandson will complete the season with no major injuries. Yet, many times we see our children and grandchildren dealing with hard problems that can leave lasting scars. We watch them make decisions that put them at risk, while we feel powerless to do anything about it. Yet, the reality is that we have a powerful weapon in our arsenal called prayer! Even when we cannot do any other thing to change the direction they are heading, we can always pray for them. God has the ability to change hearts and minds in ways beyond the abilities of mere humans. We must learn to trust our loved ones to the power and protection of Almighty God, on the football field and on the field of life!

Serving in love, Bro. Jim


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