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On Thursday of this week, we will celebrate “Thanksgiving Day.” As I stated in my sermon on Sunday, for followers of Christ, every day should be a day of offering praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. In fact, every moment of every day should be a time of praising God for His abundant blessings.

We talk a lot about the “Thanks” aspect of this special holiday. And well we should, as God is certainly worthy of our praise. His goodness, grace and mercy are overflowing. His love for us is seen, not only in the great sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross, but in our everyday provisions and protection. I trust that every family will take the time on Thursday to “count your many blessings.” It is important that we reflect on God’s goodness and respond to Him with thanks.

However, the “Giving” part of this special holiday is not often considered. Generally, we think of this to be a spoken expression to the Lord of our gratitude. Our gift to God is an oral proclamation of our “thanks.” And that is as far as it goes for most of us. Yet, we do have other ways of “giving to the Lord.” We might consider making a special gift to the Lord’s work through His church. Our CBC offering envelope boxes contain a special envelope marked “Thanksgiving Offering.” We can celebrate Thanksgiving, showing our appreciation to the Lord, by giving an extra offering to support His work.

Another way that we can give to the Lord during this season of the year is by giving to someone in need. Jesus taught that when we help those who are hurting, it is the same as if we do it unto Him (Matthew 25:40). There are many ways that we can provide help to the needy, either through our food pantry or volunteering at one of the local shelters. We have people in our own church family that could benefit from acts of kindness and love from their brothers and sisters. Let me encourage you to be both “Thankful” and “Giving” on this Thanksgiving Day!

Serving in love, Bro. Jim


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