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Several years ago, while attending the annual meeting of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board in Nashville, a dear friend who was a pastor in that area lamented that it was more difficult when the convention meets in your own city. He noted that when you go out of town to attend the convention your church understands that you are not going to be “in the office.” However, when the meeting is taking place only a short distance from your church, you are expected to fulfill your normal duties, as well as be present to represent your church at all the business sessions taking place that week.

The annual meeting of the TBMB, known as “The Summit,” is taking place this week at Bellevue Baptist Church. I attended the opening worship service Sunday night, and was blessed by a great message from Dr. Bob Pitman, long-time pastor of Kirby Woods Baptist Church. Monday is the Pastor’s Conference, with the anticipation of more good music and great messages from God’s Word. The business sessions begin on Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. and continue through Wednesday at noon. I am looking forward to attending these events and representing CBC at the convention.

I realize that by the time you receive this “Courier,” the convention will have ended. Yet, I do urge you to pray for the pastors, leaders and churches of Tennessee, as we seek to reach our state with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We have a mission field at our front door, with people of all nations coming to our great state. God has given us a golden opportunity, with “Blue Oval City” coming to West Tennessee, to make a powerful impact upon our world for Jesus. Pray with me for the Holy Spirit to move in a mighty way to guide our churches, pastors, and denominational leaders to prepare for this influx of people of all nations and tongues.

Let me close by saying what a blessing it was to share a beautiful time of worship and fellowship with our sister church, Cordova Korean Baptist. Pastor Shin and his people have become a vital part of our CBC family. We are blessed by every interaction with them and to be able to share in what God is doing through their work. May the Lord continue to strengthen our bond of love!

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim


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