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Whoever came up with the phrase, “lazy days of summer,” obviously did not have any children or grandchildren. I realize that the summer school break means a schedule change for students and teachers, but it also alters the routine for the entire family. In households where both parents are working, it requires childcare during the day. Even for those who stay at home, their normal plans for maintaining the household and running errands are greatly impacted in the summer. When you add in the stress of vacations and family gatherings, it becomes clear there are no “lazy days” during these two months.

And that is part of the problem! The break from the school year has shrunk from the three months of my childhood to only two months today. Teachers are lucky to get two whole months, between the end of one school year and the start of the next year. It takes time to close out the year, especially when a room change is involved. Then, the teachers always have to come back early to prepare for the start of the new school year. While they may enjoy the break from the daily classroom routine, there are not many “lazy days” in the life of a school teacher! I am very proud of the many years my wife has spent, teaching children with “special needs.” I am also proud of the fact that she is now retired, for the second and final time!

Church attendance is always affected by the hectic schedules of summer. People are trying to get away for a vacation or for a visit with family members. I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to South Korea to revisit the churches and pastors that we have worked with in the past. I will be gone from June 20-30, traveling with my son, Josh, and Pastor Joseph and Grace Shin. In my absence, Bro. Don Odom will be doing the Bible Study on the two Wednesdays and Bro. Jack Batchelor will be preaching on Sunday, June 25th. I am grateful to these men, and to our wonderful staff, for taking care of things at CBC while I am away.

Please pray for God to use us for His glory on this trip and to keep us safe as we travel. I will be preaching that Sunday in Daejeon, with Pastor Shin translating for me. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move among God’s people and encourage them in their work. I pray that you all enjoy a safe and happy summer, and make church attendance a high priority when you are in town. I will miss you while I am in South Korea, as I always miss you when you are not here with us.

Serving in love, Bro. Jim


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