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I know that next week is “Super Bowl Sunday,” but we celebrated early in my family. I started off with a small bowl of chili at a local sandwich shop for lunch, after church. It was accompanied by a small Club Sandwich, but the chili was the main event. Then, for dinner last night, my wife made her delicious “Chicken Tortilla” soup. That hot soup felt great on my throat, after a busy week of preaching and visiting folks. It was an awesome “Super Bowl Sunday” at our house, even if it was a week early!

Now, I know that the Super Bowl is about football, or at least it has been in the past. For some strange reason, this year it seems to be all about someone named “Swift,” but I have never seen them run with a football? Neither of the teams in contention have been my favorite, but I have more dislike for one team than the other. So, I know who I will be cheering for to win, but I won’t lose sleep over the outcome, either way. After all, in spite of all the hype and the hoopla, it still comes down to just being a football game.

In fact, there is something much closer to my heart being celebrated next week. That is Valentine’s Day! This day is dedicated to the celebration of love and romance. You may or may not know it, but this began as a Christian holiday, honoring a martyr named Saint Valentine. Over time, it grew into a holiday for people in love to express their affections for one another. As a man who loves deeply, this holiday is much more exciting to me than some ballgame between two “who cares” teams! On Sunday, I will share a message from Matthew 18:10-14 entitled, “Every Little Lamb Is Important.” In this parable, Jesus teaches that every sheep is precious to the shepherd. And, that is how I feel about each one of you!

Our CBC family will be celebrating this special holiday on February 15th, when our Prime Timers meet to share a time of food and fellowship. We will meet at the church at 11 a.m. and go to “Sling Shot Charlie’s” for lunch. This great restaurant is the perfect place for a sweet expression of our love for one another and blackberry cobbler! I want to wish you all a “Super Sunday” and hope to see you here! Also, “Happy Valentine’s Day” to all the precious people in my life!

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim


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