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I cannot begin to think about this Monday without giving praise to our Lord for His awesome blessings on Sunday! We had a wonderful time of worship and fellowship with our Korean brothers and sisters. If you were not present, and have not checked out the service online, it is worth your time just to hear the sweet special music from their children and young adults. And while you are connected, you might as well listen to the sermon from me and Pastor Shin. I am still basking in the glow of God’s presence!

Several things have changed in the years that we have been meeting together. For one thing, the numbers have reversed. There was a time when the Korean congregation was much smaller than our church. They have seen significant growth, and are continuing to reach new people. It was truly exciting to have a baptismal service in with our joint Christmas worship. God is blessing their efforts to reach into the growing Korean community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Another significant change has been in the way that our two congregations are blending together. Initially, when we met for a joint worship service, it would be the Koreans on one side of the sanctuary and our people in the rest of the building. At fellowships, they would sit together at tables separate from the members of our church. I know the language barriers were part of this notable division. Yet, over time, that has changed, as the people have become better acquainted with one another. There is a true sense of family between our two congregations that is clearly evident when we meet together.

One thing that has been clear from the start is the evidence of the hand of God in the union of our two churches. I do not believe in coincidence or happenstance, but know that the Lord is constantly working out His good and perfect will in our lives. He placed it on the heart of Pastor Shin to approach me about allowing them to share our building. He worked in my heart to see that this would be a blessing for our church, as well as an opportunity to participate in missions in a new and exciting way. While there is nothing wrong with writing a check for the “Lottie Moon Offering,” we do not get to witness the tangible results of that mission giving. Yet, the Lord has given us a front row seat to watch Him at work among the Korean people, and to share in their joy!

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim


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