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It is always exciting to learn about new life! As a young father, I experienced the joy of holding my three babies immediately after their birth. I even watched my daughter come into the world. Nothing compares to the wonder and amazement of seeing God bring new life from you. That joy is even multiplied, as your offspring from the Lord blesses your life with their own children. These precious gifts from the hand of God to us are rightly named “grand” children!

As a pastor, it has also been my blessing to be able to hold the newborn offspring of some dear members of our “faith family.” It is my delight to be one of the first people to share in the joy that new life brings. Easter Sunday was a special blessing, as I shared a “Children’s Sermon,” with the offspring of some young parents who once sat on those same steps with me. Celebrating new life is always a special privilege, whether it is done in a hospital room or at a “Baby Dedication Service” in our CBC sanctuary!

The only thing that exceeds the joy of learning about the birth of a new life into the world is to hear about “new life in Christ!” While I have only witnessed one physical birth, I have been privileged to lead several people to be “born again” into the Kingdom of God. There is an awesome transformation that takes place, as a person prays to receive Jesus into their heart. I have seen a change in their countenance, as a heavy burden is lifted off their shoulders when Christ comes in as Savior and Lord. We sing of this spiritual alteration in that hymn by John M. Moore: “Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary.” The chorus ends with “Jesus is very near.”

My heart is overflowing with joy, as I write this column because of the wonderful news of a new child being born into the Kingdom of God! I cannot give you a name at this time, but God knows that someone very near and dear to this pastor’s heart has invited Jesus to be their Savior and Lord. It is someone whom I have been praying for, as I knew they were wrestling with this decision. And in God’s time, they prayed that prayer of commitment. While I cannot share the name with you, I can ask you to join me in praying for this new believer. We know the enemy will seek to attack them, filling their mind with doubts. Yet, the promise of God’s Word holds true: “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John. 4:4). Praise Jesus, who came to seek and to save those who are lost without Him!

Serving in love, Bro. Jim


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