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From Your Pastor's Heart 4-13-2020


We have heard, read and thought enough about the Coronavirus to last us a lifetime. So, I am determined to not write about “COVID-19,” “being sheltered safe,” or “pandemic” in this article. These terms were not a part of our daily vocabulary a few months ago. They would have been like a foreign language to the kid “Growing Up On Dump Ground Road.” His greatest health threat was a rusty nail, which could lead to a tetanus shot. Aside from that or an occasional cold, this boy was invincible.

This immunity to harm remained with him throughout his teenage years. Speeding down the winding, gravel road past the city dump and beyond, with no concern for danger, was proof of his indestructability. He managed to finish high school with only a few minor “fender benders,” but with no injuries. So, his confidence that he was invulnerable remained intact as he headed off to college. Four years, a college degree, a wife and a baby boy later, the DGR kid still felt like his world was indomitable.

The years flew by for the young man who was raised down the lane from the landfill. He managed to graduate seminary, gaining a baby girl along the way. He was called to pastor his first church, which he led through a building program. He was blessed with his third child, another son. And somehow was able to feed and clothe them. Even though life was hard at times, the young pastor still new that his world was unconquerable.

Amazingly, sixty-five years have passed since the DGR kid was born. The man that God grew from that crazy kid has now been preaching for 50 years, serving six churches in over 40 years as a pastor. I have earned a Doctor of Ministry degree and been blessed with eight grandchildren during that time. I still feel indefatigable, despite my age. The only health issues that I face are a bi-annual sinus infection and a love for spicy foods.

So, what is the secret to my good health and stamina? God’s hand is upon me and His angels are around me. As a mature adult, I can look back over the foolish chances that I took in life and see the many opportunities the Lord had to take me home. The only explanation for the blessed life that I have enjoyed is God’s grace! If you are feeling anxious or concerned today, I want you to understand that this same grace is offered to you. God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs, because His grace is most evident in our times of weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim

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