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From Your Pastor's Heart - 10/30/2017

The past week can be described with three words: frost, friendships, and fun. It is fairly obvious that we have experienced a drop in temperature over the last few days. Yet, I was surprised to find frost on my windshield early one morning. While freezing weather is not unusual for those of us living in the Mid-South region of the country, it doesn’t usually arrive until after October. It is time to get out the jackets and crank up the heat.

I did have an opportunity on Saturday to visit with some dear friends. On my way to Lexington, TN to attend the visitation for Leon Volner, David Yates’ step-father, I took a quick detour to Spring Creek. They were having a community homecoming, so I caught up with Eddie and Mary Bowen, along with most of the Pentecost family (Mary’s kinfolk). Our friendship goes back more than 30 years to our time together at Whitehaven Baptist Church. It was a joy to be able to spend some time and share a meal with these dear people from our past.

Sunday was a fun day, beginning with a sweet time of worship. Someone reported to my wife, who was visiting our family in Murfreesboro, that I made them laugh a lot during the sermon. I was preaching about marriage, so there is plenty of opportunity for humor on that subject. Along with the laughter, I even saw a few tears. I am sure they were tears of joy from a happy spouse.

Following the worship service, we enjoyed a great time of food and fellowship at our “Family Fall Festival.” We had a wide array of dishes from which to choose, including a variety of soups and chili. Our young adults did a great job decorating the upstairs classrooms, where they distributed lots of candy to cutely costumed children. I want to thank everyone who helped with this fellowship and all who were able to attend. It was a frosty, friendly, fun week for me. I am blessed to be your pastor and friend!

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim

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