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From Your Pastor's Heart - 10/17/2017

It seems odd to be writing about “Growing Up on Dump Ground Road” after having just traveled down that very road. Sandy and I had an eventful, as wells as an enjoyable, time in Texas. We are grateful for the opportunity to visit with her mother and two of her brothers, while we were in Waco. Sadly, her mother was not feeling well during our stay because of a reaction to some new medicine. Yet, we were able to do some things to help her and to spend some time with her. We are blessed to have her!

Our trip to Rockdale, my hometown, was also bitter sweet. I enjoyed seeing many of my former high school classmates and getting to introduce them to my sweet bride. Attending the “Homecoming” football game on Friday night brought back a lot of good memories for the kid from Dump Ground Road. Fortunately, I didn’t have to make a long walk up a gravel road to get home to my bed when the game was over this time.

We spent Saturday morning visiting with several members of my family. I went by to see my Aunt Evelyn and was surprised to also find her son, Billy. He and I spent much of our youth together, even though he is two years older than me. I enjoyed swapping stories of some of the foolish things we did as kids. I also had lunch with my sister, Juanita; visited with my cousin, Mark, who had been sick; spent some time with his mother, Dorothy; and, checked on my brother-in-law, Danny, and his family.

Neither part of our trip was trouble-free. Yet, that is the reality of this temporal life. I learned at an early age that there are challenges to face, even in the midst of fun. I remember those long, lonely walks in the dark up that gravel road leading home. It may have been after a baseball game where I was a participant, or a football game where I was a spectator. However, the distance and the darkness were ever present, whether the dread and dangers were real or imaginary. I felt the same relief upon arriving home on Sunday that I did after one of those late night trips on Dump Ground Road. No matter where you have been or what you have been doing, it is always good to arrive home safely! Praise God for His goodness!

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim

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