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From Your Pastor's Heart - 09/11/2017

An early morning visit to an area diagnostic center with one of our members sparked a memory from my years “Growing Up On Dump Ground Road.” Our family physician was named Dr. Barkley. Now, this was back in the day when doctors made “house calls” to their elderly patients. I can recall him coming to see my grandma that lived next door to us. Yet, what I remember most vividly were the infrequent times when I had to visit his office as the patient.

Dr. Barkley’s office was located on the second floor of a building that also housed one of the local pharmacies. You had to climb a huge set of stairs and go through a glass door. Then you walked down a long hall that had black and white tiled flooring, until you reached the door leading into his office. I can still recall the strong odor of rubbing alcohol filling the air and hitting your nostrils when you entered the hallway.

The doctor’s nurse, Mrs. Sarah Skrivanek, was married to the pharmacist in the office downstairs. What I remember most about her was that she would enter the room with her hand behind her back when she was going to give you an injection. Needless to say, this trick only worked on the first time. After that, you knew what was coming when her hand was not visible. Mrs. Sarah had a pleasant smile and a sweet disposition, but the shots that she gave were still painful!

It was hard for me to understand as a child, but I now know as an adult, that sometimes the unpleasant experiences of life are for our own good. I don’t know many people who enjoy going to the doctor or having to go through medical examinations. However, such measures can be life saving or result in improvement in our health. In all likelihood, Dr. Barkley saved my life when he recognized a ten year-old boy needed an appendectomy. That frightening and painful surgery enabled me to grow up and enjoy the abundant blessings of a rich, full life.

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim

Texas Disaster Relief

Please be in prayer for the CBC group that will be assisting with Disaster Relief efforts in the Houston area next week. Those who are going include: Brother Jim and Joshua Muston, Maria Law and Ahreum You.

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