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There are some chores that we just hate to do, while others are not so unpleasant. I still despise washing dishes by hand, a holdover from my childhood when we had no other option. I hate raking leaves, but thankfully I have a mulching mower and bagger and not too many trees. Cleaning out closets is one of my least favorite tasks, but you do find some interesting things once you tackle it.

On the other hand, I really do not mind loading/unloading the dishwasher or the two laundry appliances. I can run a vacuum or the floor scrubber as well as anyone. I don’t mind making up beds. The yard work is all mine. I enjoy it, especially when it is done. I usually leave the bathroom to my bride, mainly because she does a better job with it. Yet I have no qualms about cleaning in that room, as well. There are very few household chores that I have difficulty handling.

We all find that some jobs around the house are challenging and some are more tolerable. However, I have discovered in recent years that there is great joy in cleaning up after the grandchildren’s visits. The reason is that they leave “little gifts” all over the house. I’m not talking about the candy and gum wrappers, even though there are plenty of those. I’m talking about sweet surprises, like the one my artsy-crafty Sidney left on my computer desk. She made me a beautifully decorated “mouse house” to coral that ever-elusive wireless peripheral.

I didn’t make any cute signs or clever crafts to express my love and gratitude, but I am thankful for the hard work of so many of our members who helped make this year’s Easter celebration so memorable. Thank you to the members of our Choir, our Children’s Committee, and our Staff for the extra effort you put forth in honor of the Risen Savior. I am grateful for everyone who participated and attended the various Easter events. It was a special blessing to share these times of worship and fellowship with Pastor Shin and our Cordova Korean Baptist Church family.

Serving in love,

Bro. Jim

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