Bountiful Blessings

March 20, 2017

The jumbled mess on my desk reflects the varied interests in my life. Underneath the glass cover are pictures of children, youth and families from my twenty-four years as pastor of this great church. I currently have two calendars on my desk. One is from my friend, Pastor Joseph Shin, and the Cordova Korean Baptist Church. The other is a “2017 Prayer Calendar” from the North American Mission Board. On one far corner of my desk is a portfolio that stays full of papers that I need to file. On the right far corner, since I am right handed, is the telephone.


The stack of books to my immediate left includes my Greek New Testament and whatever books and/or magazines that I am currently reading. At my right, always close at hand, is my “New King James Version” of the Bible. This is the copy of God’s Word that I preach from and use for most of my study. It is my guidebook for life and provides daily answers to many questions. Without a doubt, the Bible and the phone are the most frequently used items on my desk.


I also have some interesting adornments on my desk. There is a wooden bowl and a nameplate that were made for me by former church members. The praying hands were a gift from “the Holy Lands” from my pastor friend, Jim Meredith. I bought the wooden pen holder many years ago, but the pen is usually out of ink. There are two paperweights: one from my friend, Don Minshew, who was a missionary to Namibia; and the other is a rock given to me by a young boy named C. J. Warren, in appreciation for a gift that I gave to him.


As insignificant as they might seem to everyone else, all of these items serve to remind me of God’s special blessings in my life. There is a new addition to my desktop collection. It is a souvenir from our Spring Break trip last week. While in Gulfport, MS, we visited the “Busted Wrench Garage Museum.” After looking at this amazing collection of cars, I purchased from their gift shop a red, toy, classic Mustang. God does not merely supply us with what we need, but He also grants us some bountiful blessings!


Serving in love,

Bro. Jim

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